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Call For Fewer Ministers In Smaller House Rejected

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Calls for the number of ministers to be reduced in line with a future cut in the size of the House of Commons have been rejected by MPs.

They discussed the issue while debating a political reform bill that would cut MPs' numbers from 650 to 600 by 2015.

Tory MP Charles Walker said the number of ministers must fall in proportion with this or it would appear they were "immune" from austerity measures.

'Modest proposal'

In a proposed amendment to the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill, Mr Walker said that if the Commons shrunk in size to 600, it was right that there should be a similar drop in ministerial numbers.

He said his "modest" proposal - which would see eight fewer government posts - was in keeping with the general belt-tightening expected of all institutions in the current tough economic climate.

"We live in an age of austerity, things are changing. We are dismissing senior permanent secretaries from across the Civil Service, we are removing chief executives of councils and their directors, we are attacking senior and middle management across the country," he told MPs.

"And yet there is one group of senior management that is completely immune from these cuts and that is the ministerial corps.

"Yes, we are all in it together, but not quite if you are a minister."......

........The rebel amendment was defeated by 293 votes to 241

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Canary's in the coal mine, folks.

They want to reduce your representative government.

Consider how your representation is non-existent in Europe.

That's what your global elites want.

Double your population, then decrease your representatives.

Then no one will have access to government except the privileged few.

All in the name of austerity.

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