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Gordon Finds Happiness At Last!

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I'm surprised at how little he has been seen since he left office he wasnt even in the house for the Spending Review!

I guess the media just arent what they used to be anymore......

If I was one of his constituents, I'd write to him demanding to know why he doesn't ever seem to be in the Commons!

What the heck does he think he's playing at? Whether he lost the General Election or not, he has a job to do, and surely SOME of that job is being in the chamber representing his constituency?

He's made a problem for himself really. I think he should've ripped the sticking-plaster off quickly by taking his seat on the back-benches straight away after the General Election. There may have been a little bit of embarrassing fanfare in the media at that time, but it'd be thoroughly over by now -- and it'd've been a lot less of a fanfare than I think there'd be now if he appeared in the house.

(All this is assuming that he doesn't sit in the Commons much or at all -- I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I do watch BBC Parliament from time to time, and I've never seen him in there.)

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