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Dear Mr Hughes, I was shocked to see your support for rentiers and high house prices. The sooner house prices represent the wages of the working class the sooner everyone can have a stake in our society. Shame on you for not supporting this position and instead seeking to prop up the asset values of the wealthy and denying opportunities to the less well off. Epic fail.
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Do it. Do it now.

Our VI enemies are powerful and resourceful.

Our HPC wont come unless we work for it.

Unless YOU work for it.

Remember for every letter we write, the VI crew probably write 3.

Remind those in power that your vote is worth as much as a VI vote.

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Dear Simon Hughes,

I was disappointed to hear that you support the continued lining of landlord's pockets with public money under the current LHA scheme. This only serves to keep housing costs artificially high and encourages such behavior as highlighted below.


The sooner it is changed the better.

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Did this in a rush. Rambled a bit.

Got auto reply - Please note that there is a strict

Parliamentary rule within the House of Commons that MPs may only act

upon communication from their own constituents.

Dear Mr Hughes,

Cuts to housing benefit will have a huge financial impact on landlords and remove a significant distortion in the housing market. The cuts must be allowed to happen.

My wife and I have been priced out of buying a house for many years. We would like to buy a house and get on with living our lives the way our parents were allowed to. ie without committing financial suicide.

Your insistence on making huge payments to landlords is one of the government props for the housing market that means we are effectively paying income tax to maintain the status quo - we are priced out of buying a house, whilst renting at ever increasing rental costs. Why are our rental costs going up? We are competing for rental accomodation with people backed with huge amounts of financial support from ourselves and fellow taxpayers! It beggars belief.

Why do you want to maintain such a massive financial shot in the arm to the rentier classes?

The housing market has been the focus af a huge credit bubble, and must be allowed to correct. Your calls to maintain incredible amounts of housing benefit is a call to maintain one of the remaining temporary supports paid for by taxpayers money. That is all it is, a temporary support at the expense of the working renter / would be first time buyer. Please advise if you have considered whether this situation is morally acceptable.

Landlords already benefit massively (as do the financially reckless) by virtue of low interest rates (which incidentally means we get very little interest on the money we have saved for a deposit).

My wife and I pay a lot of tax every month, yet it feels as though our position in society is to help maintain other peoples lifestyles before we have had the chance to make a lifestyle for ourselves. Amongst other things, our taxes maintain insane house prices to the benefit of the landlord classes whilst politicians claim they are helping the vulnerable. I know three out of work people who claim housing benefit. None of those three negotiated at all when agreeing their rent. It is easy to spend other peoples money. I heard one in particular phone their letting agent and say I'll take it before even viewing! When they went to sign the rental agreement, the agent had incresed the monthly rental figure by 10%, which the benefit claimant didnt question.

By contrast we have haggled every year since we moved in and now pay £50 less than 3 years ago, but we still pay well over the odds to rent a tiny house with no storage and a postage stamp back garden.

Whilst some may support your thinking by virtue of being well meaning, I find the logic ill thought out and muddle-headed.

Very disappointed. Please explain what you or your party intend to do for people such as my wife and I. Do not offend us by suggesting we pay full price to own a percentage of a house. Nor should you suggest that the banks need to re-inflate the bursting credit bubble.


Edited by Caveat Mortgagor
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Dear Mr Hughes,

My wife and I have been priced out of buying a house for many years. We would like to buy a house and get on with living our lives the way our parents were allowed to. ie without committing financial suicide.

I hate to see that people think they cannot get on with their lives unless they buy a house.

Here was my effort

Simon, I am astonished that you are trying to block the cuts to housing benefit. Who is pulling your string? Do you have lots of BTL landlords shouting at you? I suggest you watch Panorama tonight and see where large amounts of housing benefit are going. Instead of trying to put money into the pockets of landlords I suggest you start a campaign to build more houses.If the money saved from cutting housing benefit was put into building houses we wouldn't need as much housing benefit because people would be able to afford to buy houses again. Don't you people get it at all?House prices are too HIGH. As a result people do not have enough money to spend in the economy and working for a living does not earn enough to live on, now living costs are so high. There is no incentive to work if your standard of living while working is so LOW. The largest cost is mortgage or rent and you want to protect high rents!!. Keeping housing benefit up does NOT help the public it only helps landlords. Mind you after your dreadful 28% not 40% CGT to enable the rich to divert their high incomes into capital gains to avoid paying tax, I wonder if this isn't all part of your master plan. Make house unaffordable for normal working people and have your financial chums buy them up and rent them out, raking in housing benefit. So the rich get richer. Welcome to serfdom in the UK for hard working families? Which is it, are you a misguided fool or a party to exploit working people?

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Dear Mr Hughes

I am a liberal democrat voter.

I was extremely disappointed to see your support for the scourge of our society, the buy to let landlords. Reduction of LHA will reduce rents not turf out families. In these hard times we all need a lower cost of living, we need reduced rents, reduced house prices and support for the needy and those out of work.

Please do not make the mistake of the failed Labour years and think that the solution is to throw more money at benefits. The solution is to make life more affordable.

I vote Liberal Democrat and support them almost entirely in their decisions so for. It is a hard time for the LDs but their role in this coalition and our path to recovery is vital.

Yours Sincerely


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This is good. We should do this more.

Owning the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph comments sections is fun and does work on a psychological level but lets get properly organised with starter emails to MP's.

Remember to CC your own local MP too.

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Dear Mr Hughes,

I am writing to question your motives for not backing the coalition’s plans for capping Housing Benefit?

I believe we currently spend £20 billion per year on Housing Benefit, somewhere around 5% of GDP, do you believe this is sustainable?

Perhaps you could better spend your time asking why rents are so high that the amount of Housing Benefit has doubled in the last 10 years? Perhaps you could also persuade your coalition colleagues to not only cap Housing Benefit but also re-assess the deal received by all renters in this country by removing AST’s, capping all rents to “fair value” and encouraging the freeing up of land for more building; adding to the supply side to keep rents at sustainable levels.

Yours sincerely,

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