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How The Cuts Affect One City


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History repeating itself. A new Tory Government with a middle/upper Class agenda and dominated by the interests of the South-East makes cuts. Unsurprisingly, the consequence is the same as the last time.

Some of the reasons why Liverpool is particularly affected are the same now as then. It is a doctrinaire policy without an informed analysis of the effects. The old industrial areas do not figure in Tory calculations. Unemployment in the North really is a price worth paying for Tory affluence.

But in the intervening thirty years, Liverpool has lost its manufacturing and mercantile activities and the private sector has failed to create new jobs. Only public sector jobs have provided new employment. Liverpool reflects what has happened across the country and is a sad warning of what is to come.

Its experience is evidence that private sector jobs will not be created as the Tories blithely say.

Please do not respond with the usual catalogue of jokes and misconceived prejudice against scousers, its not clever or grown up.

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