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The Big 4 Political Posts


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whether you agree or disagree with them, you can look back at historical occupiers (before about 2001 anyway)of the big 4 posts(PM, Chancellor, Home Sec, Foreign Sec) and say they were well qualified and worthy of office

Current setup:

Cameron: Marketing master, politically irrelevant

Osborne: Economic ignoramus, ludicrously over-promoted

Hague: Even though I disagree with him, I quite respect the man

May: One of the biggest underachievers and most over-promoted women in political history

So you think the Shadow Cabinet would largely tear this lot to shreds, but they're even worse

Miliband: irrelevant and opportunist NuLab drone

Balls: Like Hague I actually respect him for being consistent though again I completely disagree with him and his policies.

Johnson: As over-promoted as Osborne, would be good in another post perhaps

Cooper: From what I've heard from her so far, probably the worst so far.

Christ this is depressing. I'm not tribal and wanted NuLab out (voted LD and happy they went into coalition with Tories) but surely there are some decent figures beyond this lot. To be fair I find Ken Clark, Cable, Willetts and Liam Fox decent Cabinet Ministers but they have no chance of getting the more senior posts. Labour really do look to have 'burnt out' but there do seem to be some younger new MPs who might offer something,not many in the Shadow Cabinet though from what I've seen

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Bit like the scene in back to the Future when in the 1950s they all laugh at the idea of Raygun being US president, then say of course, he has to be good on tv.

People dont care if theyre being told if theyre going to be killed, so long as the face telling them is pretty and has boobs.

Im off to start my own poitical movement staffed by nothing but page 3 girls.

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