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Eu Wants To Directly Plunder Taxpayers' Pockets

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I know it's an unpopular viewpoint on HPC, but I'm pro EU and pro the euro. But I'm definitely not in favour of us having to cough up more money for the EU for the foreseeable future.

I would calculate 50/50 pro and anti. It was very interesting after PM`s Question Time today it was all about what the New Council is trying to push through which could be seen as another treaty. A few Members on both sides said a referendum would be required and one MP noticed how the Lib/Dem MP`s had all left the Chamber. If you like myself followed the EU in it entirety I`m sure you would look at your own views and maybe not be as 100% pro. ;)

Farage tells them again, watch Martin and Dany the Ultra Socialists reaction and watch Barosso`s body language.

BTW I am not Anti-EU, only believe in free trade and Co-operation. ;)

Cameron 'already lost fight' on EU

Wednesday, 27th October 2010

PRIME Minister David Cameron's attempt to have an increased EU budget rejected is doomed to failure... and he knows it, say UKIP.

"Today David Cameron has started to back-pedal on his promises to block the EU's budget rise", said UKIP's Leading Spokesman Nigel Farage.

Cameron told the Parliament that he would do "everything I can" and would, " fight very hard to get the EU budget under control" when asked about the EU's budget before going to Brussels tomorrow.

"He sounds like a schoolboy making promises to the teacher he knows he cannot keep. In his mind and heart he has already lost the fight" said Farage, "this is not the language of one who believes he is going to achieve what he promises."

"Last week he said, 'I am clear that we will not accept any increases in the EU budget in the next seven-year financial perspective'. This week he says, 'The first thing is to say that is not acceptable and to build a majority on that Council to get that budget down again'.

"It is Wednesday, if he hasn't built the majority by today, there is no chance that he will be able to do so by tomorrow by the summit begins.

"Britain will continue to fund the megalomaniacal ambitions of the European Union, and this government like the last will wriggle out of its promises for a referendum. Yet again you cannot trust the Conservatives on Europe", he said.

Cameron already lost fight' on EU


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