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Rent Too High Party : New York Elections

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This one is for SarahBell...who almost blew a gasket yesterday :P

Televised? debate? For NY Govenor:

Rent Too High Party (Rent is too damn high party) Mr. McMillan.

Green Party

Libertarian Party

Republican Party

Democratic Party


A Hooker (Who Knows which Party?), of Elliot Spitzer fame....

Do you think this guy is happy? And New York is one of the 5 major electoral states of the US...


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Why don't we have one here?

For the 2009 campaign, the word "damn" was removed from the official ballot on account of the name being 17 letters, two more than legally permissible under state board of elections guidelines[5]. In 2009, Salim Ejaz ran for the party for the position of City Comptroller,[6] without an endorsement from McMillan.[7]#

Don't he talk fast!


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The British are like the Ferengi.... in that they do not want to end the exploitation and rentierism that is going on all over the place.... instead they want to move up the pyramid and become the exploiters instead.

My sister for instance paid high rents for years and she never had any more left over from it, yet the moment she paid off her mortgage (working 3 jobs) she wanted to buy a house to rent out to people.

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