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Student Debt Helping Grease Wheels Of H P C

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Growing student debt stopping first-time buyers stepping on property ladder
.Myra Butterworth, 21:06, Tuesday 19 October 2010
Growing student debt will reduce the size of mortgages available to first-time buyers by as much as £30,000, experts have warned.
Many people are unaware that student borrowing can dramatically affect an individuals ability to buy a home later on in life.

Mixed emotions on this one:

Students graduating with huge debt burden: :(

Graduates unable to fuel HPI: :D

Overall: :)

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This issue is going to be a MAJOR drag on HPs in the future.

With uni the best part of a decade and a half behind, I'm wondering if that gives me the right to label indebted students as good for nothings who have no idea about real work... Students today should pull up their bootstraps and all that. When I was at uni, I worked eight days a week so I could supplement my government grant blah, blah. Soon I'll be fit to join the boomers who reckon my generation should eat out of tins so we can save 40K for a house deposit...

Any students or soon-to-be students reading this, you have my sympathy. I graduated in credit (just!) and know I was bloomin' fortunate to have avoided all the tuition fees that were coming in soon after

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