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China And Africa Square Up To Each Other

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It appears that two Chinese mine owners' representatives in Zambia decided that the natives weren't working hard enough for their slave wages, and expressed their displeasure by the simple but dramatic expedient of shooting them. It was 'a mistake' according to an official in Beijing. Taking a gun, aiming it at someone and then letting them have it with both barrels is a somewhat distinctive type of 'mistake', but maybe I'm not being tolerant of cultural differences enough...

Interesting ramifications here. It looks like the peasants are revolting, and organising themselves in an attempt to defeat the Zambian government (who are in bed with the Chinese) at the next election. Worth remembering that when Ken Saro-Wiwa tried something similar in an attempt to kick Shell out of Nigeria, he found himself dangling at the end of a rope for his pains. And the Chinese government are a somewhat larger and fiercer corporate gorilla than Shell, not least because they couldn't give a four-x about PR in situations like this and will be very anxious to keep hold of their African mineral mining concessions. But could this end up being a source of trouble where the Chinese least expected it? Frederick Forsyth could write a highly entertaining pot boiler about this...

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