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Guardian - Where Do You Make The Cuts?

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..in an interactive spending review...(rather interesting)...


...well I suppose we could make a start by legalising drugs!!(eek)

.....but lacing the new licenced product with sterilant/contraceptive.

that'll save at least £200 a pop from "charities" who advocate vasectomies etc for addicts.

...this way the message is plain........

....stick this crap into your system and you won't be havin kids,and the state won't support it....your choice....and it's sort of reversible if you get clean.

other than that we need to take a serious look at local goernment....the priorities are topsy-turvy.

enough money to hire bin police.....but not enough to empty them.

enough money to build speedhumps.....but not fill in potholes.

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enough money to hire bin police.....but not enough to empty them.

enough money to build speedhumps.....but not fill in potholes.

Total "Alice"! :huh:

At least I get a Vietnamese translation of my council tax statement! :lol:

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Too easy. NHS alone beats the target. Though that itself begs further questions ...

I reached £197.9bn savings without any blanket percentage cuts[1], just chopping worthless and/or big-misspend programmes (and the b****** olympics aren't even an option, despite the high profile)!

[1] except a few individual quangos at the end at about £0.05bn a shot.

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I just saved £130b without being daft. I only cut scotland and wales by 50% aswell!

189 but I cut ireland, wales and scotland as much as it'd let me.

The fact that Wales takes a disproportional aamount of benefits as well as public sector jobs means it's probably worth setting it lose on it's own.

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They wouldnt let me cut the pay and pensions of the judges, nor raise the retirement age to 70.

I guess though that it is only a bit of fun, just trying to give you some of the choices that the civil servants would present you if you were a minister. I imagine that they wont give you the choice though, of cutting the pay of civil servants. Even the Guardian didnt give you the option of freezing their pay, I wonder why?

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IMO 8% of defence spending - still leaving us 4th in the world for defence spending - was pathetic. It just means other, useful services have to be cut more.

I'm particularly impressed that we are arranging for a gap in Aircraft carrier coverage just for the moment that the string of big oil field finds comes in from the Falklands... a fleet is useful. You can send it around to tax havens to do a bit of collection, pays for itself..

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i saved 221 billion

cameron is a fool if he can't find stuff to chop in that list , so much ******** in there

i know he doesn't have the balls to get rid of the NHS but in the end it does have to go , any savings he makes this year will be eaten up by the ever rising cost of the NHS in the future

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The comments in the guardian website are ridiculous.

I can't believe how many are for that insane road priciing policy , and you've got morons wanting to cut the defence budget by 100% = HELLO :lol:

All i cut in defense was Afghanistan , the main cuts were from getting rid of the NHS , 50% cuts in northern ireland , 25% cuts in wales & scotland , around 30% cut in work & pensions , scrapping the international slush fund and small cuts in other areas.Road pricing is a crazy idea.

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