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Strensham Services On Twitter...

Dave Beans

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Because he thinks Twitter is cool?

Perhaps it was sometime in 2007... when I was talking to a guy who works in local government in 2009, and he told me his boss was "tweeting" on Twitter, I knew any coolness was long gone, and it was just another way for the feckless and those without imagination to waste their work days.

Blogs, Twitter, Facebook ... all self-aggrandisement in one form or another.

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bizarre, they havent tweeted... you get followers if you have something interesting or mundane to say. The could tweet daily offers, opening times, special promotions they would get followers (people who pass everyday) and slightly more business, people deciding to have that free coffee when you buy a donut etc etc...

No point having a twit account when your not actually being a twitterer..

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