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Funnily enough when I was leaving my last job EDF Nuclear was an option for me - I just had to learn French (I got the chance to work on nuclear with Rolls, also - passed up on that!). Similarly I passed up on a semiconductor job in Germany - my German is very basic. In the end I moved to neither place and still haven't learned the languages. :blink:

So no moves for a nuclear-related investment for you guys?

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It's likely that any nuclear development in this country would be headed by EDF - they're the only non-state owned nuclear operator in the UK at present, and the largest nuclear operator in the world, with the only operator currently building a Generation 3+ reactor. As a result, they are likely to be the only serious bidder on any new UK build. It's unlikely that any other consortium could offer any major competition to the EDF option, as no other operator has as much operational experience, and no other builder already has a project on the go.

If EDF is the winner, then the plan would likely be to contract the construction to Areva with core non-nuclear components (turbine and generator) sub-contracted to Alstom (The only company to have designed and built a turbine and generator powerful enough to be paired with Areva's reactor), and the reactor vessel itself sub-contracted to Japan Steel Works (the only company with machinery large enough to forge the massive reactor).

EDF, Areva, Alstom and Japan Steel Works are all listed public companies.

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