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I wanted to PM him with the link to this site and Warwickshire lad's site at http://www.firsttimebuyerhelp.co.uk/articl...ticle.aspx?id=3.

I can't log on for some reason. You can't post these links on the forum otherwise you will get banned.


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Guest Bart of Darkness
I can't pretend to be an expert, but remember that if your newly-bought flat does "lose" some value, it's only on paper. You still own the flat whatever it is technically worth.

Rather like the "gains" made, they're only on paper too.

Paper will help also if you should happen pay over the odds and see prices fall later on. Tens, twenties and fifties should do the trick. Lots of 'em. Why worry though, it's only paper after all.

So buy, I would,if it goes wrong it will come good in the long term

During this period however, you will be paying more than necessary in interest and repayments. Do you really want to be doing this over the long term?

There will always be "Doom mongers" predicting a crash however regardless of these predictions ( which never materialise)

Never? Does that mean there's never been a crash?

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