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I'm looking for a ethernet based Web Cam (I don't use the wifi, although I'd turn it on if need be) that is fairly hi-res. Would be looking out onto street so viewing naural daylight. Night vision would be good but would forsake this for hi-res capability. I know of free motion capture software so this wouldn't be an issue. Anybody have any experience with them over and above a Google search?

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I only have direct experience of network cameras costing under £250, which seems to mean 640x480 resolution.

I second the Axis recommendation - their cheaper cameras only have 640x480 resolution, but they have good optics which make the most of the available resolution. A bit pricy though.

I also like Panasonic network cameras, particularly the pan/tilt Panasonic BL-C131, which is currently being replaced with a new model. The image quality is not quite as good as Axis cameras, but they are a lot cheaper. Because the BL-C131 has pan/tilt, it has a slightly longer focal length (more "telephoto") than fixed cameras, which means that it can resolve more detail because objects are larger.

The Panasonic BL-C131 gives reasonable images under street-lighting, but the Axis 207 series is a bit better under these conditions. If you need really good low-light performance, you may need to look at CCD-based network cameras, and I don't know of any cheap ones.

I have found both Axis and Panasonic cameras to be very reliable, in that they will operate for months, perhaps years, without the need for a reboot.

Also, if you are a bit of a programmer, both brands have an easy-to-use HTTP API which allows you to capture images and move the camera around from your own programs.

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Acti ACM1231. 1200 x1024 resolution, day/night mode, the built in IR is bit weak, so I'm using illuminators from Rayled. They're PoE, which is highly recommended - much easier to wire in, and if the scrotes cut the power, the UPS will keep everything running for 8 hours.

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