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Fake Buildings In The Recession

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and wtf are "photo realistic bricks"?

Do they mean that the building has been covered in sheeting with a picture on it - and if so why not say so, it's hardy a new technique.


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Amazing looks far better than just concrete stumps.

I agree, this is much better than leaving some half finished concrete and metalwork rusting for years. The Italians and French do this a lot in their historic towns and cities when a building is under refurbishment - on first glance you don't even notice, and this helps to keep tourists and locals happy about the work.

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But not as good as it would have been to have worked out that the project wasn't economically viable in the first place.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but being able to adapt to the reality of the present is a far more valuable attribute I find.

That would be foresight, a far superior attribute than either of the two you mention.

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We saw the crash coming, did we not?

Yes, but building a number of blocks of flats is a slightly more complex endeavour than posting on a website. By the looks of it they managed to complete a few fairly large blocks of flats and most likely decided to stop due to lack of finance or the prevailing conditions.

Builders build, that's what they do. Building a large residential building is unfortuately something that requires a great deal of careful planning and has a number of external dependencies so cannot be timed to perfection like boiling an egg or taking a shower. Many notable posters on this website (including the ex-official spokesman) mistimed their STR badly and called the crash 5+ years early.

The fact remains that the approach to disguise the unfinished building is much better than 99% of other developers, and should be applauded.

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That would be foresight, a far superior attribute than either of the two you mention.

A house price crash was inevitable. The timing of it was something that very few people got right. Even now, the lack of significant falls has wrong-footed many on this site. So this foresight your speak of, is perhaps more elusive than you might like to think.

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Residents in Manchester were left amazed at the speed of building work in the city when a brand new block of flats appeared to have been completed in just a single day.

In actual fact, what developers had really done was to simply cover the unfinished building in photo-realistic bricks and windows to give the impression the work had been finished.

Crosby Homes had been planning to build two blocks at their Potato Wharf development in Castlefield, Manchester, but were forced to scale back their plans when the recession hit.

The construction firm had recently come under increasingly pressure to finish the building project.

The Castlefield Local Businesses and Residents Forum, for example, had been lobbying hard to have the much-delayed development, in a key heritage area, completed.

With only one building finished and occupied, the second had been stalled because of the economic situation.

Now, instead of completing the build, Crosby has instead decided to erect the fake block of flats.

Potato Wharf has been described by developers as 'a collection of contemporary one and two-bedroom apartments set in Manchester’s hottest waterside location in its coolest quarter'.

The project's website claims the development provides 'everything the modern city dweller could ask for' and claims to take its inspiration from the city's thriving industrial heritage and the its 'edgy, urban vibe'.

The statement still refers to 'two eight-storey blocks' though, with no reference to the current fake facade.




I wonder how long it'll be before they're "set on fire"?

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How times change. Not so long ago bankers would put up fake capital so people could buy complete flats.

But the flats were still made of cardboard and then valued as if they were built of precious quarried stone, with history and features to match in a beautiful part of the country. A pity it was not true. Best get them revalued so the owners don't have to pay almost any council tax.

The balloon has burst or WTF........

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