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Government To Curb Compensation Culture

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The Government has pledged to tackle the UK's "damaging" compensation culture with a shake-up of health and safety measures, including an end to "senseless" rules and regulations. Prime Minister David Cameron said he hoped a review carried out by former Conservative minister Lord Young would prove to be a "turning point", with a new system being introduced to replace "unnecessary bureaucracy".

Government to curb compensation culture

About time, this joke has gone on too long although there are many genuine cases. ;)

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A factory manager of my acquaintance was complaining about H&S measures. I asked what his reaction would be if one of his employees was killed.

That's their lookout, isn't it? he replied.

I haven't spoken to him since.

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There's a balance to be struck. As of now, we can't afford the level of H&S we have, with the likes of the NHS and the police having to devote *very* large amounts of their time and effort to maintaining an ****-covering paper-trail.

We might be able to make savings in the govt's 25% ballpark in some departments simply by reducing accountability, and with it the need to spend more time documenting a copper's every move than plodding the beat or apprehending villains. But would you want to be the home secretary to announce that?

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