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Having been in the process of buying a house last year I remember this house in North Llandaff being sale http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-28198495.html . Seems it sold for £309,000 in October 09, now a year latter they want £350,000.

Maybe thats for the street that comes with it, have a look at google maps.....

I don't know what you mean by the street?

Has it been modernised or updated in the past 12 months?

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Thats a heck of a house for £350k. I don't think its going to be on market long. Is it me or does that seem amazing value??

Twice the price of a crappy 3 bed box in thornhill but look at it. It is gorgeous.

My thoughts - only doubt I had was isn't that road very busy? Haven't been along it much in daytime of late but isn't it quite a main road nowadays?

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My thoughts - only doubt I had was isn't that road very busy? Haven't been along it much in daytime of late but isn't it quite a main road nowadays?

It is a busy road. Llandaff North's houses don't seem to be as expensive as those surrounding - Whitchurch and Llandaff both within a stone's throw.

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The road is right outside is indeed very busy. Also the edge of Gabalfa estate is a few hundred yards away. And you don't get to say you live in Whitchurch or Llandaff.

Having said that, Llandaff North isn't all that bad.

A similar house in Whitchurch would cost you more - if you could find one. This one http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-16063062.html?premiumA=true is comparable-ish but only has four bedrooms and one bathroom.

The Llandaff North house does look as if it's been done up nicely. I certainly wouldn't mind living in it - would reduce my commute drastically. It's just that I can't afford 350 grand.

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A financial guy told me a couple of years back that most average quality semis and detached in Wales should not be more than 250K but, in the past few years, those 250K houses now seem to have 300K plus to 400Kish asking prices.

I notice that these tend to just sit there on the market nowadays - in Swansea I am looking at houses with asking prices of 300K to 350K that I have seen on the market for several years.

I think the bubble resulted in loads of people from London buying down here and locals mortgaging up to the hilt - both drove up those '250K houses' to the 300Ks area... but the Londoners are selling up en masse now and the locals can't afford it so, IMPO, I think we are now in a stalemate situation until these drop back down below 300K asking price and probably end up selling for between 200K to 250K.

I think it is only ultra low IRs that has stopped a massive defaulting in this price bracket.

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Think you all missed it...

thats not just a driveway in front, thats a road through their front garden, leading behind the house where at least one other house has been built, thats why its cheep

Where flats have been built. I had a look on the way past this morning.

The parking space in front uses the same gate as the drive to the flats and is not separated from it. The drive goes along the side of the house, past three windows on the ground floor, then past the fairly small fenced off garden of the house for sale. Then behind that garden, across the whole width of the plot, is the car park and then the smallish but three storey block of flats.

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