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Labour Trougher Claims £125K Expenses For His Garage


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+ + + Denis MacShane Kicked Out of the Labour Party + + +

He has had the whip withdrawn by the Parliamentary Labour Party.


Claimed £125k for this thing, calling it his constituency office. Doesn't look that bad compared to some of the hovels you can see on Rightmove for £125k+ :)


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Wiki on McShane...


Main article: United Kingdom Parliamentary expenses scandal

MacShane, during the expenses scandal of 2009, was accused in The Daily Mail of having been less than open/honest with his expense claims. The Daily Mail featured a story stating that MacShane had claimed £125,000 over a period of 7 years for his garage, which he used as a constituency office. One fellow Labour MP privately told the journalist that he was ‘very surprised’ at the scale of Mr MacShane’s claims given that he does not have to pay to rent an office. ‘I pay £6,000 a year in rent so if he doesn’t have to pay that, it sounds like a lot of money,’ said the MP.[14] In 2008, MacShane had supported Michael Martin as Speaker, calling for Conservative Douglas Carswell to be disciplined for calling for Martin to resign for failing to reform expenses.[15] In total, MacShane was ordered to repay £1,507.73 in wrongfully claimed expenses, with his appeals against the ruling being rejected.[16][17]

It was reported on 14th October 2010 that Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards had referred a complaint about Mr. MacShane, related to expenses, to the Metropolitan Police. This refers to the claiming of a total of £125,000 in expenses for his supposed constituency office, which was revealed to be nothing more than a shabby single garage. The Labour Party confirmed Mr MacShane had been suspended from the parliamentary party in the meantime [18].


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No messing about now off with his thieving head, sick to the death of all this from our so called leaders.

I wish we could 'regress' for a year or so and return to medieval style justice for ***** like this.

People say we're a better society for not doing it but look what we've 'progressed' into! In a few generations, I really hope that they will look back to this period and wonder WTF we were playing at, letting ******* like this firstly rob us and secondly get away with it with minimal penalties.

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