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Failed Btl - Subsidised By You And Me

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I think the real question should be, why does SMI exist at all past some initial emergency period (e.g. 6 months)?

sounds like its because he's on a pension.

for most it finishes at 2 years unless you are an JSA or some other stupid ruling.

odd, that the very thing he wanted as his pension, to give him financial freedom, is a millstone around HIS neck and the TAXPAYERS.

course, thank the Lord, the Bankers who lent him the stuff are able to claim tax relief on the arrears, and are now getting their payments in full plus a top up.

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For most claimants SMI is indefinite. There is a 2 year rule for a small minority who are claiming eranings related JSA, but when they switch to another form of JSA they get indefinte mortgage payments. Everyone else gets open ended mortgage help. Like the article says, until the country runs out of cash.

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I can’t believe that they have answered the “Any other money or investments you have in this country or abroad” honestly.

I just hope that someone in the court services notify the DWP, mind you often they either do nothing or take years to tackle discrepancies.

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No the real question is why everyone on here has such a downer on enterprise and entrepreneurialism , this is what makes the UK great

No problem at all against entrepreneurialism, after all, it's not a job shortage we face, but that of a shortage of entrepreneurs. I'm glad to see a true entrepreneur anyday. Innovation, free thinking, inspired. Nothing to do with BTL paracitism at all sadly.

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