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Margaret Moran May Be Fifth Mp To Face Court Action


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Following the first disclosures about her three homes, this newspaper discovered that Miss Moran owned two more, one of them a villa in Spain. Her property portfolio is now worth a significant six-figure sum.

She fled to the villa in Spain to recover from her self inflicted "stress", as was never seen again in her constituency.

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And how long did she remain on the public payroll?

And did she get the relocation allowance when she finally signed off?

She was paid until the election in April and she did get her payoff worth over 50k I believe.

She was one of the worst offenders I thought.

She had clear, documented fraudulent claims that she submitted with fake invoices.

Hanging's too good for her.

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Obviously the house will only sell for £73,000.

It'll be the gold twigs that increased the selling price to £250,000, so no problem for her there.

Worth twice that if Linda Bark_er arranged them! :P

Remember they always teach you to put pebbles/rocks + bunch of twigs (usually in the hearth - where you BURN things)?

It's a part of Witchcraft/Satanism! They're drawing you in without realising it - just because you follow a fashion, blindly/unquestioning!

'Glamor' is the Scottish word for Witchcraft! Want to be like a Glamo(u)r Girl?

"The ground in the middle of the oblong ring of rocks is mounded. In abusive Witchcraft, stones, branches, twigs, and sacred objects attached with spiritual evil in abusive rituals would be buried in this mound."

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She may have long since disappeared with the taxpayers' money but her MP's website is still up and running:


Here are two consecutive entries on her website;

Jan 18th

TIPS THAT HELP YOU SPEND LESS 1. Turn your thermostat down by just 1 degree – it can cut your fuel bills by 10% 2. Don’t put hot or warm food in the fridge and try not to put the fridge next to a cooker or boiler 3. Use the low temperature programme on your dishwasher and washing machine 4. Don’t overfill the.......

Jan 21st

Margaret Moran MP can today tell vulnerable families in Luton not to worry about turning up the heat as the Government pays out millions in Cold Weather Payments. Around £200 million in payments has been racked up so far this winter, with just over £70 million of this over the cold New Year’s weekend

Socialism defined.

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