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You say you are thinking about coming back, where are you now? Would you be interested in staying in the UK or would you be looking to go elsewhere?

A PGCE is a useful qualification to have but you need to bear in mind that the jobs market newly qualified teachers basically sucks at the moment and there are some big cuts on the way. I genuinely don't know what the demand is like for business studies teachers at the moment but I'm not prepared to believe it's that great. Is there another subject you could teach as a backup like IT or PSHE/citizenship? If you have skills/experience that are relevant to the subject then that would help but be prepared to end up somewhere rough for the first couple of years. If you survive then you can use the experience to get a better job.

DO you have any teaching experience at all? It is seriously worth spending a couple of days in a school to see whether you think you might want to do the job. Lots of schools will let you come in for a couple of days if you say you're interested in doing a PGCE and lots of universities will do teaching taster type days.

Please feel free to PM me if you'd like any more advice.

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I'm thinking about coming back to the UK to do a PGCE in business education.

I don't know anything about that qualification.

What I can say, having worked for myself for years, and dealing with clients from a very wide diversity of backgrounds and in differing business lines, is that I've learned far more about business in that capacity (IT apps/web developer) than I think I'd have learned from a course.

In terms of:

- Common sense (this is IMO actually the over-riding factor)

- Business politics

- What every business has in common

What is your objective?

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