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The Tory boy started good with a dig about the Milipede not being the Labour MPs' choice of leader. But then it went down hill as the Milipede got stuck about CB changes being unfair. He's right - they are unfair. Any moo-ron can see they are unfair. Then Cameron started asking the Milipede about HIS policies; that's weak. It's PMQs, not Milipede Questions. When the PM starts asking questions it means he's got no answers.

Honestly, whats unfair about it? 45 grand is enough to support your own child, the fact that some people earn more or it takes two people to earn that 45k is irrelevant. Get a better paid job, or get a less well paid job, or just accept that life isnt fair in the way you think it should be.

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Instead of arbitrarily landing a smallish group of people with the equivalent of a 6p rise in income tax, why not spread the pain by giving everyone an actual 1p rise in income tax?

Then we really would all be in it together

Fair and simple. Wonder if they'll go for it.

thats coming too.

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Red Ed the clear winner - raised a good point that Camoron couldn't answer.

And the tactic of quoting DC paid off later when a scottish MP asked about whether the coalition were going to change the criteria for winter fuel allowance. The PM's answer that he made a campaign pledge and stood by it sounded laughable and weak in the face of his u-turn on child benefit. No wonder he pretended not to hear the question. :lol:

Plus, I loved the expressions on the faces of Weee Georgie and Cleggover - "Uh, oh, we're in trouble now," was clearly what they were thinking. :D

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I'm a dyed in the wool Tory boy but I'd concede that Millband had Cameron on the ropes today.. That said, any monkey could have done the same thing as it really is an unfair system they're proposing.

It'll be interesting to see how it'll be covered in the media. I suspect ITV/CH4 will give a passing nod to it, whereas the BBC will run a whole feature on it.. The reverse wouldn't be true if it was new Tory leader.

I don't understand. I watched PMQ's and I didn't think either were any good, Miliband was total tripe!! His questions were pointless and Camerons answers were pointless too. Neither won, if anything Cameron was least annoying purely because he doesn't have a speech impediment, but by far the high was the first chap who took the P about Deadwood not being the Labours party's choice of leader.

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The coalition has got it wrong. Child benefit should not be paid to any family who's household earnings are more than 35K with immediate effect.

From the Chancellor's Emergency Budget Statement (22nd June 2010)

"we have also had to take a difficult decision about child benefit.

I have received many proposals about this.

Some have suggested we means test it; others that we tax it.

All these proposals involve issues of fairness. This benefit is usually claimed by the mother.

To tax it would mean the working mothers received less than the non-working partner of a millionaire.

Means test it and we would have to create a massively complex new system to assess household incomes.

I do not propose to do these things. I know many working people feel that their child benefit is the one thing they get without asking from the state.

So instead, to control costs, we have decided to freeze child benefit for the next three years."

So they stuck to the three years, but the rest didn't seem to count for much.

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Ed Miliband came across as a wet haddock against David Cameron`s damp Piranha.

Politics today, presentation and personalities, leaves the discussion in that you are better entertained and gain greater knowledge by following the Teletubbies, the Wooden Tops or Muffin The Mule. :rolleyes:

Really, totally and absolutely pathetic, thank that power high up you can now forget them all and enjoy your life. ;)

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