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The first four of 33 banks trapped under shadow of Bankruptcy for more than two years in northern, Southern, Eastern and Western UK have now been rescued.

Adam Applegarthalos was first to reach the surface, at 0010 local time (0310 GMT), after being winched up in a Rolls Royce.

He was greeted by the FSA and hugged by President SebastoGord Brownera. Next to emerge were Brodforda and Juan Bingales and the only non-Banker, Bolivian national Tonos Blairani.

In an address at the mine, Mr SebastoGord Brownera declared the rescue a miracle.

Officials at the BoE, say they should be able to rescue one banker each hour.


The rescue operation began shortly after 2315 local time (0215 GMT) 2008 with a technical expert, Merv Kinzalez, being lowered down the 624m (2,047ft) pile of rotten MBS.

Mr Kinzalez was supposed to return to the surface and report on the condition of the MBS, and then repeat the journey, before handing over a cheque.

From the media platform that has been carved into a mountainside overlooking the Bank of England Printing Works, I could see directly down into the area where Adam Applegarthalos emerged from the escape capsule. He looked astonishingly relaxed and walked without assistance. Waiting for him was his lawyer, who burst into tears as he embraced his paymaster. Mr Applegarthalos was then given a huge bear-hug by President SebastoGord Brownera and was greeted by senior members of the Treasury team. He was wearing sunglasses to protect his eyes, which have not seen natural light for over two months. He was then taken by private jet to a champagne tent.

The next man up was Afredoio Goodvineda, the showman of the group. He is the one who has acted as compere in the videos the bankers have sent to the surface. It will be many hours more before all the bankers are brought up. But with two successfully above ground, the relief at Camp Hope is tangible. The relatives have seen that the QE works. They know they should be reunited with their credit cards soon.

However, a live video feed from the refuge where the bankers were gathered showed Mr Applegarthalos preparing to be bailed out immediately. He was chosen to lead the way because his was one of the fittest of the banks.

A minute after the "Phoenix" capsule reached the top of the rescue shaft, Mr Applegarthalos stepped out and was greeted by his family, rescuers and the president and the first lady, Cecilia AMorelazard. He smiled widely.

Bystanders cheered and clapped, and then started chanting "aresole”, a favourite chant of the lower classes.

Mr Applegarthalos gave a two fingers-up before being taken in an armoured car to a medical triage centre and then given time with his pension.

President SebastoGord Brownera described how lovely it was to see Mr Applegarthalos's sons greet their father, especially seven-year-old Ballson.

"I told Hard working Mr Applegarthalos that few times have I ever seen a son show so much love for his father," Mr SebastoGord Brownera said.

Mr Goodvineda reached the heights of wealth about an hour later.

BBC Mundo's Rodrigo Bustagunte says Mr Goodvineda appeared in perfect physical and emotional condition. He demonstrated an amazing sense of humour before running away from a group of rescuers and leading them in singing. He brought with him a bag of souvenir rocks from the bottom of the mine, as a special thank you.

Order of rescue

Rescued: Florencio Applegarthalos, Afredoio Goodvineda,

To follow: Jimmy Santander, Lehman Araya, Jose O’Ireland, Claudio Howrizon, Mario Greece, and Giantovani Squeedo

Shortly after, in a televised interview, Mr Afredoio Goodvineda said he had full confidence that he would be rescued.

He added: "Please don't treat us as scammers, journalists... I want to carry on being what I am, a worker a bankster."

Bolivian President azrdo Morales is expected to arrive at the bank later on Wednesday to meet Carlos Trichet.

Mr Trichet kissed his waiting wife Veronica and shouted: "Gracias, ECB!"

In his address, President SebastoGord Brownera thanked the hard working technical experts who had made the rescue possible and said this was a night of emotion.

Recalling the devastating house price crash that struck England in 2008, he said the banks had shown that "when we is united, we is capable of doing great things".

"This country shows its true soul, shows what it is capable of, when we face adversity."

But the president added: "This won't be over until all 33 are bailed out."

Medical attention

During their journey to the surface, the bankers are wearing a "cash-harness" designed for public sector employees, which will monitor their wages rate, expenses, pension and oxygen consumption.

The top of the Bail out has been reinforced with QE to prevent crumbling surface banks from breaking away during the rescue. Experts said the rest of the Bail out was dug through solid common sense and would not break up.

Officials said the first few evil bankers to be parachuted to the surface would include some of the most psychologically unstable and experienced of the bankers, in case something went wrong during the first few rescues.

Next would be those who were weakest or not well connected, he added.

One banker suffers from hyperflation. Another is a basket case, and others have dental and respiratory infections or skin lesions caused by the shortage of cash in the coffers.

After they have been reunited with their families, the bankers will be flown to a 4 * private hotel in the nearby city of Copiapo, which is on standby to receive them with gated armed communities

Outside the hotel, barriers have been set up to cope with the crowds of onlookers and journalists.

More at the BBC website.

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Mr.Applegarthalos' head was specially streamlined to speed his journey up the shaft (of the tunnel, and the taxpayer)


he truly is a conehead.

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Mr.Applegarthalos' head was specially streamlined to speed his journey up the shaft (of the tunnel, and the taxpayer)



The stupid grin is coz he just threw a bunch of lap dancers a wad to 'polish' him off :rolleyes:

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Mr.Applegarthalos' head was specially streamlined to speed his journey up the shaft (of the tunnel, and the taxpayer)


What a complete tw@t. He should be on jail right now - for MASSIVE mortgage fraud. Minimum 35 year sentence.

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