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Does anyone know if the raw land registry data on house prices is available for download anywhere?

I was just thinking it'd be nice to able to do our own stats on it.


There you go.

I have added some of the data into Excel, see attached, if that helps!

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Jason - I think what Gentle Ben was referring to was the database that sits behind this information. The one that landreg provides to websites such as nethouseprices.

Of course it would be possible to "reverse engineer" it by scraping the info off websites but this would be less than ideal and anyway beyond my abilities.

But just imagine what could be done with this data! Everything from identifying the property that has been flipped the most over the last five years to linking the data to GIS mapping software and seeing the trends from a completely new perspective.

It would be a veritable treasure trove!

Clearly the reason why websites such as nethousprices et al very quickly required registration/ verification that the user is human / limited the number of searches within a time period was because certain people were hitting their servers hard in scraping the information off.

Does anyone have a copy of the landreg database? Is there a legal reason why it cannot be distributed beyond the owners of sites such as nethouseprices? Is there anyone who has the know-how to set up a site for HPC and thereby get a copy of the database?

Just imagine the nuggets hidden in that data!

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I'm not sure about any database, or how to get it. Maybe an e-mail to Net House Prices???

But I do keep the info on spreadsheets that apply to me. I'm sure my spreadsheet would be useful to others, hence my posting.


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I think you just have to get a license, sign an agreement to be bound by their restrictions and pay about £3k.

I'm going to send an e-mail to the Land Registry tomorrow because I can't find any information about it on their website.

£3k sounds a little steep though...

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It's true, although if I recall it's 6k for starters. I think you can just get a region, i.e. in and around Manchester say, and that works out less, but still a few thousand. If you want the entire UK I think it's about 15k.

I presume if you do get the details, you'll post it here - I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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