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Where Will Prices Be At The End Of 2010 And 2011?

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After reading a from opinions in the following thread, I found myself in agreement with this ....


There will be no house price boom not for a long time as interest rates wont be cut for a long time (they have to go up first and then back down again, and that wont be for many years).

I expect to see the Haliwide average drop to 130K, which would be a 33% drop in nominal prices from peak and stay there for years. This will mean drop of 50% on inflation adjusted basis.

The housing market drop will happen in the next 12 month, together with a stock market crash with FTSE going back down to below 4000 again.

Also answer the following question

1 - When will prices bottom out? - I think Q1 2013

2 - What will the haliwide average be? - Between £130 - 135k

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