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Helicopter Ben In Action - Stimulus Money In Detroit

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Interesting TV report about the stimulus money application process for the repossesed/evicted in Detroit, the disorganisation is ridiculous and the amount of people in need of support is mind blowing:

And all that's for grabs is 15 milion USD, while the banks who caused all this mess got hundreds of bilions ...

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A lot of those folks probably worked in the auto industry - or at least could if jobs were available.. But since 1990 the labour it takes to produce a car has declined by 66%. 1 person today can make the same number of cars as 3 people in 1990. So there has been mass layoffs in the industry.

To make it worse with the failing economy with so many out of work, car sales have declined by a third since 1990. So the industry had to shrink yet more.

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