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Scores Arrested In Belgrade After Anti-Gay Riot

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Riots In Serbia

Before the march, the head of the EU mission in Serbia, Vincent Degert, addressed around 1,000 gay activists and their supporters who gathered at a park in downtown Belgrade surrounded by riot police and armoured vehicles.

It got very nasty Nationalism is still very much alive in Serbia.

Anti-gay protesters have fought running battles with police in an effort to disrupt a Gay Pride march in Belgrade - the first in the city since 2001.

Rioters threw petrol bombs and stones at armed police, who responded with tear gas and rubber bullets.

The office of the ruling Democratic Party was briefly set on fire, and at least one shot was fired.

Calm was eventually restored but more than 100 people, mostly police, were injured, with another 100 arrested.

Sunday's march was the first Gay Pride parade in Serbia since a 2001 event was broken up in violent clashes provoked by far-right extremists.

Damage is estimated at One Million Euros.

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Well what do you expect.

Sreberenica, Kosovo, Sarajevo - not a very tolerant bunch of people!

And those they ethnically cleansed don't have a very good record either.Let's face it once you get outside the old core Euro zone they are all pretty suspect.

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Whats nationalism got to do with being irritated by a bunch of homosexuals, excuse the pun, shoving their sexuality down your throat?

Two different issues, surely?

Or did the BBC interview each and every one of them to determine that the two are the same thing?

I'll support gay pride when hetero pride gets streets closed for it, taxpayers money thrown at it, and special treatment.

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could have just been europhiles trying to sabotage their countries eu aspirations

fair play , the eu bloatmachine is a sinking ship

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