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The Preacherman

Child Benefit: A Stay-At-Home Mother's Story

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I checked our household income on some website a while back and found out we we in the top 85% net income group. But, in reality, we could never lead even a small percentage of the s-w-a-n-k-y 'middle class' lifestyle outlined in this daft article.

Mrs and I even get clothes from charity shops or, for something special, off eBay.

If we have even a few modest treats in the space of a single month the credit card bill trebles.

We don't feel poor, though. We save. The second hand/giveaway scene means we can obtain an embarrassment of stuff for tiny fractions of shop prices.

What would help? Well, if we'd been just a few years older and bought pre-boom we'd probably have a mortgage less than half our rent. A few hundred quid back in our pockets per month would make a big, big difference.

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This is the problem with an aspirational society where everyone was raised to believe everything was possible and that we lived in a meritocracy. A lot of people are going to be pissed off they're not rich rather than grateful they're not starving.

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