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Uk Rail Fares Vs Taxpayer Subsidies (08Oct10)

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It's only now that we are seeing the "benefits" of privatisation? :huh:

The cheap money smokescreen not only papered over the cracks and the policy encouraged every manner of bad investment/idea/excess/waste to perpetuate and grow.

It is why so many aspects of the economy and life in general are so appalllingly out of whack with any semblence of normality or stability. The rest buttom should have been hit years ago.

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We are entering a strange period in regards to inflation. The monopolists in society, and I'm talking the organizations, are pushing up prices, because well they can. And rewarding their staff with generous compensation and bonuses. When you pay your rail fair you are also paying for retirees who are making twice what you make a year, even though they no longer even work there.

On the other hand areas out on the free market, and especially those on the global free market, things are getting cheaper! Even with the falling pound. Like I can go and see a lawyer for 1 single hour, or buy basically an entire wardrobe from Asda for the same price.

The main cost for most people, 50% of income for young families, is the cost of housing. And that is clearly getting cheaper now. Both house prices starting to come down, and the interest rate on debt coming down.

I'm not sure where this ends, but some it is easy to see. In rail if it keeps costing more for consumers, people will stop using it and just drive.

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I have been getting the odd job interview offer working in London, almost nothing happening in the job market outside rates of pay now hitting 1999 levels full-time or contract.

I took a job locally as a support worker 11.8k, gathering up all the hocus pocus benefits due, im now pushing 14k after tax.

Commute into London for a 23k a year job, after travel costs and tax you get 12k year.

I am better off taking a NMW + a few pence with a 15min cycle, than commuting into London or for that matter 30+ miles on the train.

I should add in the early 90's my first job was a 70 mile rail commute on £10k a year, sure I was short of cash but it was doable.

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