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Executive Sadman

Hesletine Vs Roach

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Thought id watch this, primarily because i hate Hestletine (albeit for probably different reasons to the majority of people) the posters seem to like Roach for sticking it to the man or something.

I dont really get Roachs points. Bear in mind i hate hestletine, so i want to get them.


Incredible comment: the richest 10% own 50% of the private wealth and a 5% tax on this would wipe out the debt.

Firstly, i hate the term wealth as 1) its only a balance sheet snapshot in time, very volatile and 2) usually backed by massive debts (always backed by debt/money i guess, but thats another story)

Assuming the rich invest in the same things as us (property,stocks,bonds etc) then a 5% wealth tax is either all or most of their yield. Why would the rich have anything to do with this country if all their income was taxed at 100%?. If that 'wealth' produces no yield its value quickly falls to zero.

Plenty of other issues i have with his 'arguments', but thats the main one.

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