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£4,500 Boob Job... On Benefits, Never Worked!

Thunderbird 900

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I don't think this sponger is worried about losing her child benefit...

"Most families who are due to lose their child benefit are worrying about how they'll make ends meet without it.

But for Kelly Marshall, who has five children by four different fathers, the handout has never been about paying for nappies, food and other everyday expenses.

She saved her benefit money to help pay for breast enhancement.

And as many parents envisage tightening their belts after the Tories announced plans to cut the benefit for higher-rate taxpayers, she plans to save more of hers for liposuction and a tummy tuck.

Miss Marshall, who has never worked, rakes in almost £29,000 a year from benefits - and last year spent £4,500 to go from a 34A to a 34DD."


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The number of single mums I know that have had boob jobs is, well three but there is something quite disturbed about all of them.

Case 1.

Has three kids over 6 years in a stable relationship but with a serial playboy. Has a car crash, a bit of an epiphany - dumps hubby, gets tit job paid for by car crash compo and sets up with local pikey hardman. :blink:

Case 2.

Again has kids, two of. Husbands the local wideboy - goodtime Charlie, part time dealer. Uses her as sex toy for him and is mates, has done all their relationship. He buys her the tiddies after the kids. :blink:

Case 3.

Mother of 3 at a young age, all to the same dad, not sure of marital status. Now this guy's bucks the trend in that he seems to be faithful and hardworking but boring. So again, after the kids she gets the funbags pumped and is out on the town every weekend revelling in the attention, in all fairness that's all it is with her, a bit of attention. :rolleyes:

So, the obvious lessons are: -

1. Kids ruin norks.

2. Women are nuts.

It's another example of the empowered modern woman wanting everything, because she's worth it. There used to come a time in life when people 'settled down'. Now that period seems to be a blip in life’s headlong, hedonistic rush for self gratification.

Of course men have no fault in this whatsoever. :)

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One of the best uses of taxpayers' cash I've heard in ages. I would certainly trade a quango or ten to fund more of this.

I saved money from my benefits for four months to cover half the cost and put the rest on a credit card, which I pay back with my benefits.

She's a true Brit ;)

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