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World Most Innovative City

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World most innovative city - best of UK, i.e. London at No 14.


Here’s a look at the firm’s Top 30 around the world:

Boston (USA)

Paris (France)

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Vienna (Austria)

New York (USA)

Frankfurt (Germany)

San Francisco (USA)

Copenhagen (Denmark)

Lyon (France)

Hamburg (Germany)

Berlin (Germany)

Toronto (Canada)

Stuttgart (Germany)

London (UK)

Munich (Germany)

Milan (Italy)

Stockholm (Sweden)

Hong Kong (China)

Melbourne (Australia)

Tokyo (Japan)

Rome (Italy)

Kyoto (Japan)

Washington, D.C. (USA)

Shanghai (China)

Düsseldorf (Germany)

Barcelona (Spain)

Seoul (South Korea)

Sydney (Australia)

Prague (Czech Republic)

Philadelphia (USA)

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Boston? Really??

I would have thought San Francisco would be higher. No Vancouver either.

Boston feels like it: my best client for a couple of years was based there doing lots of innovative stuff, and I got a very good feeling when I visited. And of course they've got MIT and Harvard.

As for San Francisco, it's not the same as Silicon Valley. If you called that axis from SF to San Jose a single city I expect it'd be a cert for #1 spot.

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The big bland nothingness.

Looked worse than that to me: to get mere 'bland nothingness' you'd want to do something about those hideous roads.

Went out there for two weeks when I first joined a Silicon Valley company. I was due to work from home anyway, and the visit confirmed, no way would I want to live there. Though I could've managed living in SF and putting my bum on their seat from time to time.

Of course I'd say much the same for Southeast England in a big band from about Exeter to somewhere in East Anglia

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"I would like to pay tribute to the contribution you and your company make to the prosperity of Britain," Mr Brown told assembled bankers in London's Canary Wharf . "During its 150 year history, Lehman Brothers has always been an innovator, financing new ideas and inventions before many others even began to realize their potential."

Gordon Brown, a week before the collapse of Lehman Brothers.

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Not one mention of Paris @ No2 spot - all those lazy, work to rule, heavily unionised, good for nothing, innovative Frenchies who live one of the World's (consistently voted No1) 'best lifestyles'! :o

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