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Retail Sales "unexpectedly" Collapsing In The E U

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Eurozone retail sales unexpectedly fall in August
Retail sales in eurozone unexpectedly drop 0.4 pct in August, suggesting fragile confidence
Pan Pylas, AP Business Writer, On Tuesday October 5, 2010, 7:04 am EDT
LONDON (AP) -- Retail sales in the 16 countries that use the euro unexpectedly fell during August, official figures showed Tuesday, in another sign that consumer
confidence remains fragile despite a stronger than anticipated economic recovery

All going pear shaped despite the recovereh. :lol:

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0.4% drop != collapsing, you old drama queen. :lol:

It always starts collapsing slowly at first then the pace quickens and the market has then coolapsed.

Its like the gentleman who threw himself of the Eifel Tower--he was falling but nothing much happened until it was realised he fell.


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Still the same story. Germany and France doing great. Spain, Greece, Portugal, Ireland etc all looking like heading back in to recession from Q3 / Q4 Onwards.

Major structural imbalances remain and further divergence will occur until a proper solution is found. Spain will probably trigger the reforms needed; it may take a while though.

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Europe’s services and manufacturing industries grew at the slowest pace in seven months in September, adding to signs that the economy is weakening as governments from Spain to Ireland implement austerity measures.

Strong buy signal on the Euro?

£ = 1.15105


The euro was little changed against the dollar after the report and was at $1.3767 as of 1:07 p.m. in London, up 0.6 percent from yesterday. The single currency has strengthened 10 percent against the dollar over the past three months, making exports less competitive.



The euro rose as economic data showed European services growth improved last month, underpinning speculation that economic recovery in the euro area is gaining traction.

Headless chicken lives on

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I don't think these small fluctuations in currencies affect exports much in developed countries.Average wage in china is 3,700 US which is maybe 8-9 tixes less than what they get paid in the US/EUR for doing the same job.

I noticed today swing-a-way can openers aren't made in USA anymore , they got moved to China.Must have happened within the past 12-18 months - shame because they were a good product.I try to avoid slave manufactured if i can.

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