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£1.2 Trillion Of Government Cash Has Been Pumped Into The Banking System


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....it doesn't take this obscure group to look very far to get it's information ...it is all well documented the Banks were never completely out of the woods as the headline on the link from the past suggests....it will be tough times ahead and all the more reason why failed banks should not be paying bonuses..... :rolleyes:


Britain’s banks are back. Profit is pouring from atop towers in the City and Canary wharf. In the Capital they even appear to be repaying our faith in them by doling out free bikes. Time to get the bunting out, surely?

Well, despite the red ink draining away from the big banks’ balance sheets, all is not perfect in the bankers’ garden. Three out of Britain’s top five bankers have told me that the government will have to prolong some parts of the bailout package.

....no surprises here....business as usual ....move along.... :rolleyes:

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So what are you saying?

That a Masters in Development from LSE is insufficient to qualify him as a "proper" economist, or that he hasn't worked for a big bank?

The first option. I know these Masters, very well. And many teaching staff. The subjects are mostly elective, and usually students are not required to do any Economics. These Masters are mostly "Social Studies" degrees.

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Yes,he's trying to say that since the author is not part of the bankster elite, he surely cannot understand the economy.

Lets leave the economy to the banksters, we know we are in good hands with them, I mean just look at their track record... :blink:

I don't have any link or VI with the banking industry.

I just know that the main root cause of this crisis was a monetary policy too loose. And I hate to see Brown and Labour deflecting the main responsibility.

Look, of course bankers were greedy. But all bankers have always been greedy, in all countries, and in all times! Right? So why we only had this huge bubble in the past 5-7 years, and mainly in Britain? (The biggest in relation to GDP. Americas' was bigger in absolute terms, as their economy is much larger)

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