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Dissident Republicans Blamed For Londonderry Car Bomb

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Dissident republicans are being blamed for a car bomb attack in Londonderry.

The bomb was left close to the Ulster Bank and a row of shops in front of Da Vinci's hotel on the Culmore Road on Monday night.

It exploded shortly after midnight - about an hour after the warning was given. Dozens of homes were evacuated in the alert. No-one was injured.

However, the bank and several shops were damaged.


The bank is badly damaged. It is not the first time that it has been targeted.

Last year, the Real IRA said it was responsible for sending bullets to relatives of police officers working in the branch.

So are the Terrorists now switching to the banking system? They've made the threats to target bankers, was the bank the target in the car bomb?

The objectives of these conflict junkies are to destroy the peace process; to break the unity of the Executive; to turn back the clock on policing and to embarrass Sinn Fein. They have been failing miserably”

End Quote Martin McGuinness Deputy First Minister

Clearly the spin is going to be they are trying to derail the peace process rather than they are possible striking back at the bankers which could possible gain sympathy for the cause?

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This bank has been targeted in the past. The dissidents sent bullets to certain members of staff as they have relatives who are in the PSNI. Or maybe the bank refused them a loan? Afterall it takes a lot of money to buy weapons etc

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I suspect the bank was singled out as a target. It backs up everything they've been saying and stroke city is a dissident stronghold.

The use of banks as legitimate targets is a cynical ploy few believe in. These people are complete and utter SCUM with a small enough backing amongst the citizens of this particular city for these types of actions. However, generally the RIRA are quickly winning support in many disenfranchised Catholic area’s that now are being policed by these thugs. Since the demise of the IRA and punishment attacks eliminated, the level of anti social behaviour has spiralled way out of control and the RIRA successfully stepped into this gap in the market and controls quite a lot of the spoils too.

Security services needs to quickly use the informer information at hand to take out these individuals before their campaign starts in earnest within the rest of the UK and any form of torture to make any of these rats squeal in interrogation is okay with me. Fire should be met with fire. Also antisocial behaviour in these area’s needs tackled immediately.

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