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Rising Hp Indices Are A Bear's Best Friend!

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Seems to me, some of the indexes are being held up by a lot of lending into

hot spots, whilst other areas are not moving or falling. I've certainly revised

where I am looking at to avoid the hot spots (which are at peak or above) and

look at the more unfashionable areas that little bit further out, which where I

am, are falling - some places seem to be going down like it's 2008. Because more

lending is going into areas that are rising, this might be throwing the indexes

off somewhat, but it makes damn all difference to what houses in Bumbury under

Wychwood are selling for.

The one thing I don't want is sudden emergency support for house prices, and

I think every HP report that comes out showing prices rising or stagnating makes

the next wave of QE / credit easing / SLS / whatever somewhat harder to justify.

So I'm hoping for a big positive from Halifax this week. Up 1.6% anyone?

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I think I can see what your getting at, but no, I'm not wishing for positive HPI!

Would you rather Halifax was down 5% and QE2 rolled in, or Halifax was up 0.4% and no QE2?

Assuming of course that your local secondary market was unmoved.

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