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New Car Sales - Sept '10 ?

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New car sales is my barometer for how deep in the shit we are. September due to the reg change is one of, if not the, biggest month of the year. Data normally comes out in the first week of October so should be here some time this week.

This year, I feel like I'm starting to see more new cars than in previous years, maybe its the '60' changeover messing with my mind. Here's the past few years figures:

2009 - 367,929

2008 - 330,295

2007 - 419,290

2006 - 413,991

2005 - 417,052

and back to 1999 here: http://www.smmt.co.uk/articles/article.cfm?articleid=11241

So where do you think we'll be this year? Any predictions? I'm going for the 400k mark as the we get back to normal...

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To get a true picture, you really need to see numbers of cars and total value (i.e. what sort of cars and in what sort of numbers).

The SMMT press release gives a brand breakdown and top 10 most popular models to give you an idea. The effrct you suggest seemed to happen during scrappage, cars like the Hyundai i10 making the top 10, coming from nowhere.

2009 was boosted by scrappage, no?

Over 300k will be a good result for the industry imo...

That would be carnage and anecdotally, seeing far too many 60s for this to be the case

I think Ive seen 3 60's.

two of them were outside a day nursery...yummy mummy's

There's more than that in the car park (100ish cars) at work.

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Been to the auctions recntly. Plenty of supply two weeks ago, this last week it was very light. Prices low.

How long does it take for part exs to get to auction? Busy start of the month and now dying off again?

End of scrappage and low summer reg figures and now more 60s than I expect suggests to me that people have waited for the 60, will make things look good for one month then who knows.

Either way, I'm expecting a good figure and lots of good spin ;)

No VI btw, mines an 06 with plenty of life in it, no need to change for a few years.

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Think I was the closest?

UK new car registrations in September fell 9 per cent to 334,735


Shotgun, Double dip


If used is anything to go by we are in deep do-do.I sold 7 in September.My year tends to come out about 150.There seems to be an oversupply of nutters.On Saturday I had a geezer with a mouth full of gold teeth tried to swap me his Peugeot 607 90k miles for my StreetKa Luxury 25k miles.

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I see a lot of cars for sale in lay bys and a regular turnover of cars for sale outside certain houses (a nice little earner) that I pass.

And everyone seems to be setting up fast food stalls in lay-bys, industrial estates and seaside destinations. There're everywhere now.

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