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Lottery Winner Found Hanged In Luxury Home

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Doesn't cheer me up, very sad.

The idea that suddenly coming into money means everything becomes rosy is very wrong despite the media endlessly peddling this myth.

If I won £1m on tonight's lottery I would tell nobody about it and it would not change my lifestyle or behaviour one jot.

Before the question is asked I do the lottery because I am in a Syndicate at work and I want to be able to celebrate the good fortune of the other people if the near-impossible happens, I don't think I could do that very well if I was the only one not in it.

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The article paints a picture of a normal guy, but who really knows how anyone feels deep down. All of us need to feel secure in our own skin. If we do not, we attempt to show we feel ok, as it can be scary to seek help and give our power away.

Money is a side show that helps to a certain extent, but after all it`s only money.

The best things in life are free.

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