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Old thread but i cannot emphasise enough how evil a drug roaccutane is.

Withdrawn from the US after numerous legal wins against Roche.

It has chemo levels of Vitamin A which can change genetic make up. Eveil stuff with no long terms trials done on the long terms effect.

Numerous cases of sevre IBS (of which i am one) and people actually having their lower intestine removed.

It had screwed my digestive system within a few months of taking it.

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I'll join an acne forum if I have to but I was wondering if any other HPC'er had adult zits and knew the latest treatments and had jumped through all the hoops to save me joining yet another Internet Forum.

As other posters have said, have you tried removing ALL wheat from your diet? A couple of weeks should be enough to see a difference if it's that.

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acne can be related to chronic mercury poisoning, generally caused by 'silver' teeth fillings. In fact mercury has a depressing effect on the immune system therefore the skin can't control the germs that are on it naturally anymore which then causes acne spots.

Also there seems to be a correlation between mercury and candida and someone mentioned earlier in this thread that candida can be related to acne.

I had acne as an adult (not very bad but very persistent) for many years too, but then I got rid of all my 'silver' fillings and after that took some stuff to reduce my mercury load, the acne basically disappeared. I very rarely get pimples now, mostly when I feel my immune system is weakened for some reason.

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I was plagued for years by cold sores on my lips. Used to get a breakout every 2 months or so and they made my life a nightmare sometimes. Anyway, tried all the creams and none of them worked, some even used to exacerbate the condition. I stumbled upon a product called Virulite which uses a controlled burst of light at a specified frequency. Started using it and now have virtually no cold sores ever. When the occasional one does come this device clears them up in less than a week where normally could have the sore for around three weeks. Anyway, it is the best product ever as far as I am concerned.

The people who produce the Virulite product have released a new product specifically for acne called Bactelite. Whilst I have not used it if it is as effective as their cold sore treatment it is well worth a go.

The first is a local firm to me in Newton Aycliffe and they do seem to have hit on something.

Can confirm that light pens do get rid of cold sores. I used to get huge nasty ones every year, however, ages ago I bought a light pen because they were supposed to improve lines and wrinkles on the skin. I used it for about two weeks but boredom overcame vanity and I couldn't be bothered with it any more. Delighted to say I haven't had a cold sore since.

As for Acne, I didn't ever suffer from it until my mid forties when I went on a health kick and starting drinking orange juice every morning rather than occassionally. It took me a while to realise the cause so I now avoid oranges and other citrus fruits and my skin improved dramatically.

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