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Studio Flat, £10,000!

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How about this "detatched bungalow" round the corner from me...

LOL, its all white I suppose..... No really, it is ALL white. Ideal if your colour blind. Property Bee shows that it was £130,000 in June. At three and a half times your wage, you would need to be on about £35,000 a year to "qualify" for this piece of real estate!! Please form an orderly que....

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This is not a Studio Flat.


This Estate Agent, [seddons of Dulverton] seems to be clearly in breach of the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991 and should be reported to the Office of Fair Trading.

Property Misdescriptions Act:

The Property Misdescription Act 1991 came into force in April 1993 after 33 'prescribed matters' that had the potential to be misdescribed or listed.

Amongst these matters are location, address, aspect, proximity to service, accommodation, size or measurements, fixtures and fittings and physical and structural characteristics.

Section 1(1) of the Act makes it an offence to make false or misleading statements in the course of estate agents in the property development business.

The offence is one of strict liability; in other words there is no need to prove intention if it can be shown that the relevant statement was false or misleading.

The statement can be made orally or in writing - or by pictures and scale models. The extent to which it is false must be material but it is possible for a statement to be misleading without actually being false if a reasonable person would draw a false inference from it. Equally a statement may be misleading if it is incomplete. The Act does not create a duty to volunteer information. It imposes an obligation to ensure that any details which are given are accurate.


Regulation of Estate Agents Fact Sheet

What should I do if I have a complaint about an estate agent?If you have a complaint where you believe the estate agent has acted contrary to their duties under legislation, you should contact your local trading standards department (www.tradingstandards.gov.uk) or the Office of Fair Trading, which enforces the legislation.

Consumer Direct (08454 040506 or visit their website at www.consumerdirect.gov.uk) can provide advice on all consumer matters, such as your consumer rights and whether you are able to seek independent redress for your complaint.

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Accidentally Deleted

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The Estate Agent, in question has obviously read this forum, and changed the description from:

Studio Flat For Sale.

To the more appropriate:

Garage For Sale.


:rolleyes: Liar Liar Pants on Fire?

[i need more descriptive, abusive, insulting avatars]

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