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Death Of The Office Joke: Coalition Enacts Harriet's Pc Equality Law Which Means Anyone Can Sue For Anything That Offends Them

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New equality laws masterminded by Labour deputy leader Harriet Harman have come into force today, threatening to create a political correctness minefield for recession-hit businesses.

Under the Act, vegans, teetotallers and atheists are to be given the same protection against discrimination as religious groups while gipsies and travellers will get special favours because of the 'many socio-economic disadvantages' they face.

There is also a provision which extends protection from third party harassment, meaning employers have a responsibility to shield their staff, where possible, from abuse by customers.

This has led to fears that bosses could be sued for jokes or comments that staff overhear and find offensive - even if it is not directed at or about them.

The Act, which ministers claim will help stamp out pay discrimination, have been slammed by employer groups who claim it will cost £189million to implement.

Does this mean I can sue those with a sense of humor by pass that I find offensive?

At least this could be an important growth area for the economy, who said govt couldn't be wealth generators.

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I notice in the article there is plenty of positive discrimintaion favouring the poor, gypsies and other ethnic minorites, and birds. Guess that equates to negative discrimination for all those who dont fall into those categories ie. average white males. Does that mean i can now sue the govt as i find their discrimination policies offend me.

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Does this mean I can sue those with a sense of humour by pass that I find offensive?


You could only counter sue them, as this is their green light to sue everyone they work with, so they will already be suing you. A happy day for lawyers and outsourcing though. A bad day for UK job creation.

I wonder if the brains behind it are lawyer? This could make up for lost conveyancing work!

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