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Much talk on this board about different ways of speeding up the demise of the housing market.

Is anyone out there willing to put there money where their mouth is and register domain names which forward to the House Price Crash Site? This can be done for about £1 per site/year. The idea is that potential house buyers and media boffins will be directed to the HPC site largely by mistake.

If say 50-100 people each register 1 spoof estate agent site will this make a significant difference to traffic through the site and help some buyers come to their senses, increase media coverage? In other words is worth the time and money?

I am currently considering www.propertyfinder-houseprices.com ahead of the confidence suvey which is due.

If so please list any sites you have already registered or which you intend to register.

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It would seem that either:

1) apathy rules -_-

2) you're all a bunch of tight wads :angry:

3) it was a studpid idea and I need my bumps felt :wacko:

I'll crawl back under my rock now!

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And when they get here what will they see?

Posts with swastikas, OAP-bashing, victim-bashing, America-bashing, women-bashing, home-owner-bashing, government-bashing, success-bashing, VI-bashing, EA-bashing, HP-survey-bashing, everything-under-the-sun-bashing, and, of course, a few posts on house prices buries under the noise.

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