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Gordon Saved The Economy. The Glorious State....

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here is some reality

just as terrifying

http://market-ticker.org/ if the above embedding cut and paste doesnt work

the senator grayson statement

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the senator grayson statement

Difficult to know what to say to that ... apart from unf u c kingbelieveable!

And Grayson's delivery is perfect - and he's a Congressman. Will anyone listen to him? Will anything get done?

You find yourself muttering 'it could only happen in America - land of the free!' - but is that true I wonder.

Surely there has never been a more craven and corrupt society - in thrall to bankers and lawyers.

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We can only admire the combined wisdom of our politicos in dealing with this economic downturn. I'm so happy , life's great

i'm off to buy a house.

Three cheers for our leader.

My link

...OK for anti terrorism...but applied to politics it shows Government's lack of confidence in itself ...no ethics and echoes of Nixon and Nulabour ... both now toppled and forgotten regimes .... :rolleyes:

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