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Apprentice Candidate Arrested.

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No detail about what the financial irregularities were however:


Apprentice candidate arrested

The mortgage broker from Cheshire has been questioned by detectives surrounding financial irregularities whilst working in his previous job. Farrell, who worked as a mortgage broker, has allegedly been fiddling the books, The Sun has revealed.

It seems that the candidate, who is to appear on the new series starting next week, has been fairly secretive of his history.

Having told the BBC that he was bought out of a partnership, a source has a different idea of events. They told The Sun, "He was getting paid on a commission basis. His employment was terminated although I think he tried to resign on the same day." Police are still conducting inquiries and Farrell is due back for further interviews on 27 October, three weeks into the show.

Not only has Farrell been accused of finance-fiddling, he also hid a weapons conviction from the producers of the BBC programme. In September last year, he admitted possessing offensive weapons including a knuckleduster and an extendable baton which were found in his car. The BBC conducts a thorough search all candidates involved with the show, yet Farrell didn’t reveal any of his previous misdemeanours.

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Such a talented entrepreneur that he's hawking mortgages  :rolleyes:

Who is that ghastly bloke in the photo above Frankie?

Paul Kemsley.He (used to) interview candidates for Srallan. One of his east end muckers, property gazillionaire and something to do with Spurs I think too. I'm sure google will help you out.

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Paul Kemsley.He (used to) interview candidates for Srallan. One of his east end muckers, property gazillionaire and something to do with Spurs I think too. I'm sure google will help you out.

Remember another Paul from the programme, exposed as the tosser that he was - Paul Tulip?

The penultimate episode found the four contenders, whittled down from 14 - Tulip, Badger, Dewberry, and Ansell Henry, the "nice guy" sales manager and former Millwall footballer - facing Sir Alan's gale-force CV-inspectors, Claude, Paul and Bordon. Tulip wilted in seconds. "I'm a likeable person that can get on with anyone," he flannelled.

"You're not getting on with me," barked Claude.

Reduced from hero to zero - or, as Sir Alan had it with a previous unfortunate, "You seem to have gone from anchor to ******" - in the space of an episode, revelations about Tulip included the fact that he had no idea what Sir Alan's companies sold and that he considered Big Issue sellers lazy.

"The day I did my Apprentice application I was on the way to the gym and there was this homeless person. He blurted it in my face - "Big Issue!" - and I said: "Listen, mate, I will buy that off you, but you should start selling the benefits. It's a fantastic magazine for a quid. Take a bit of advice." Next day I went back and he was, like, 'Yeah, brilliant, I got a really good response', so I put it on my application." Having cringed watching last week's episode, Tulip says, he's going to use his recruitment background to help Big Issue vendors get proper jobs. Pure Brent.

And his CV, captured from that episode:


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Can we assume then this guy doesn't make the final! :lol:

Was the extendable baton long enough to reach Lord Alan

(Lala "Lord Alan Likes Adulation" to his E.E. mates!)

over his ghastly boardroom table - in case the gEEza got the walk of shame to the Taxi?

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