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Corporation Tax Bill Due 1St October

Reck B

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just about to BACS £40k to HMRC for this years corporation tax bill. I trust they will use it wisely for the good of the country. I suspect this plus the other £50k+ we will have paid in NI contributions, VAT etc will go a long way in paying about 5 minutes interest on government debt.


I could get one of these for about £40k


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You can pay it off in installments if it will hurt your cash flow. I'm like you paying more in corporation tax than many earn in a year.

We're good for cash. In fact before the interest rates plummeted we'd have paid this off with interest on company savings (currently earning 0.05%)

**cries again**

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Why don't you? Buy one and drive off into the Sunset.

Dreading my first corporation tax bill, it's gonna break my heart!

You'll actually be happy to hear that it covers 2 hours of our national borrowing (assuming £165 billion per year.)

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