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Local Council Cuts And Others Bits'n'bobs

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A handfull of anecdotals for you chaps:

1 - A friends mum works for a local council, they're doing a mass reorganisation and making everyone in their department redundant and recreating the same jobs with different titles with wages 30% lower than the old jobs, obviously there are also fewer new positions as well. Most people are going to try and negotiate early retirement.

2 - A different mate, he still pays his father house keeping money to help him out with the mortgage, even though his dad has taken early retirement! Surely common sense would say don't quit your job until you've paid off your debts?

3 - An old colleague in London has been made redundant, job is moving to Germany (at least its to another EU country). Job is a Cisco network engineer type thing.

4 - and finally my own job is now also under threat, I'm also a telecoms engineer (Cisco, Juniper, Nortel, Huawei)

The recession is hitting again and if I lose my job I'll officially declare it a depression :P

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Its interesting.

Some councils I gather are doing their utmost to avoid making staff redundant - but are going for reorganisations and big wage cuts (mainly Labour ones)

Others are going big on redundancies - but trying to keep their best people by freezing or raising their salaries (mostly Tory ones).

Interesting to see which will be more unpopular!

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FYI, This is a Tory council, guess it depends on the management?

Which council is it? I know someone who works for Romford council which is doing exactly this. With some management positions going and everyone else having to reapply at for slightly different roles on a lower wage. He will be around £200 a month worse off.

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