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Another (Huth) Hb Scam

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So on today's HUTH guy buys a 3 bed property in a welsh valley town.

Does a small amount of work including spiltting up the biggest bedroom into two to add an extra room - a room without a window(!) and then rents it out.

EAs say that the extra room can't be called a bedroom because it doesn't have a window and that a reasonable local rent should be 425. Guy says "that's a bit low, I've already found a tenant at 600 and something". Hm I wonder if this being exactly the local HB rate for a 4 bed property is connected?


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I find it more annoying (if this is the case) that the system provides HB at levels so far above the normal market rate.

I don't blame the landlord for trying to make a quick buck.. I blame the system for taking money from someone who works hard and earns little and giving it to someone else so they can price them out of the local market.

I really hope the proposed HB reform cuts deep. Once the host is dead the parasites will die off naturally.

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I don't blame the landlord for trying to make a quick buck...

We do.

Eventually there are 2 options here.

1) People blame the Landlords and big land owners and they are disposessed of their illgotten wealth.

2) People blame the "Beenfits Scroungers" and they all get moved into "Managed Shared Accomodation". (Concentration camps)

There isn't really a middle ground.

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Similar scenario on yesterday's programme. Only caught the end as I was turning the tv on, but looked like the new owner was calling it a 5 bed house, both agents said it was 4 bed and recommended rent of £475 per month. Big smile on his face, landlord announces he'll be getting £995. No idea what area this was in I'm afraid.

Take most of what happens on that programme with a massive dose of Sodium Chloride. There was a chap in London recently who bought a place on Portobello Road, had grand plans, builder who said he could do it in 4 weeks blah blah blah.

When they went back, he'd apparently been made an offer that was too good to refuse and was selling it in its current state. Only thing is, this was last August and yet there's still no sign of it on the LR. It has the entry for when it sold at auction but nothing subsequently. I realise that not all transactions make it onto there (am I right in thinking that sales to a company are one of these?) but was still noteworthy.

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