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Who Downloaded Chubby Chasers?


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You forgot the obvious and yet highly likely:

"Neither Clare nor her husband, in fact nobody using that machine - the ISP is incompetent and so is the legal firm"

Nahh, I bet any money he left it downloading whilst he went to bed or something.

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Claire says there is no way she or her partner downloaded pornography (chubby chasers)

ah innocence

Haha good poll.

She'd have to start eating and piling on the pounds now.

Your husband likes fat women! (unless its a gay film - er then you should file a divorce)

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If she has an open wireless network then it could easily have been the neighbours. I set up a network for a friend who lives in a block of flats and managed to connect to 5 seperate open networks - no security at all.

It would make sense for the entire group of 5000 or so 'accused' to form a class action, surely? This whole process is about picking on individuals and making them pay up.


Yep, I have WIFI on my phone and can often get, presumably residential, open WIFI on it.

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