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Car Maker Ford To Add 120 Uk Jobs

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The car maker Ford is in the process of recruiting more than one hundred new staff at its British factories.

In an exclusive interview with the BBC, the company boss Alan Mulally said there may well be further new jobs created.

Mr Mulally was speaking before giving the CBI's annual lecture in London on the subject of Ford's "renaissance".

He has been widely credited with turning the company around since taking over as chief executive in 2006.

Ford ploughed on through the recession and slump in world trade without needing a government bailout.

What's more it was the only one of the big three US car giants which did not go bankrupt.

The secret, Mr Mulally said, was to reduce the number of brands in the company's portolio and to concentrate on the core Ford marque.

A more limited range of models with more common parts is now being rolled out globally.

To that end, Aston Martin, Jaguar LandRover and Volvo were all sold.

Surprise this news wasn't posted here, 120 jobs created! Is this the end of the jobless recovery?

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+150 at Ford but........................


Thomas Cook warns of UK job cuts

Thomas Cook, the tour operator, warned of job cuts as it looks to make "substantial" cost savings across its UK business.

Published: 8:41AM BST 28 Sep 2010

The group confirmed it was reviewing its UK workforce of between 13,000 and 15,000 staff, as well as its supplier base and all divisions in the UK arm.

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Ithink Ford are being disingenuous about NOT getting Government bailouts.

They got...cash for clunkers in the US, same here and Some parts of Europe.

They got...Loan Guarantees from Governments...UK included...hence the amazing job creation we have here.

They still have 28 billion dollars of debt according to some reports.

Cash for clunkers has now ended...with demand pulled forward to earlier this year....what now.

and they pay this CEO 12m dollars...thats still LESS than GM paid for financial advice for its actual government money.

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We recruiting in IT for the first time in 8 years. That's real, full time Ford Positions, we've the normal ins and outs on agency, purchased services, contractors etc... every year and there is no change there. And there has a lot of churn recently, with early retirement programmes and a lot of attrition from normal wastage. But still this is the first time we've recruited via national press in a very long time, so it is good news, for FOB at least.

Whether this would have made the BBC if Mr Mulally wasn't in the UK at the moment, I'd be surprised, so it is a press release more than anything else. But still there is no doubt that not going bankrupt, not taking US funds won good will, particularly in the US.

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Really? I thought new starts didn't get the same pension deal as long serving employees. Don't they have to pay contributions at a higher rate?

No idea what the conditions are for new employees.

But when was that announced anyway, 6-7 years ago? It's hardly new.

But they are Ford payrole, not agency and we haven't had any in a very long time.

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