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Selling Unfinished...

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You can dress it up to sound good but .... it's basically unfinished...

Completion to the main house would depend entirely on the buyers' personal choice and specification. The vendor however would be happy to pass on all the professional contractors details who have worked on the property to date with regards to final fixings and finishes, new build 6,000 sq ft leisure suite, pool, 4-car garage with potential for a guest apartment above for which full planning consent has been granted by S.M.B.C.

Another fun one in the list

Threaphurst Lane, Hazel Grove, Stockport, Cheshire, SK7 £999,950

Ref: MAR100124




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Mmm....plenty of unfinished/work not started properties for sale in last HPC, vendors who at the time they bought were firmly wedded to the belief that property can only go in one direction - up, up and up some more.

And plenty for sale now where a lower price is put on for a limited time - usually only limited by how long it takes vendors to realise that this often doesn't work in this buyers market.

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I don't know the area, so it could be in scumsville, but I quite like it :unsure:

As long as its watertight I could live in an unfinished project.

You're not a Lithuanian squatter by any chance? :unsure:


There is probably a business in using propery websites and finding un-occupied housing for foreigners!

Why hijack a semi in the suburbs when you can hijack a mansion in the back of beyond. Oh, probably a tad far to the benefits' office.


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Bought at peak, and still want £400k more -- although we don't know how much has been spent on it.

Oakwood Hall, Oakwood Road,



Greater Manchester,

SK6 4DX £600,000



Not New Build

Mal Volio, who sadly left the forum a week or so back, posted me links to numerous Monmouthshire properties, such as empty barns, that had been bought at the peak of market, had a big wodge of money spent on them, and which now have some truly astonishing asking prices.

He pointed me towards one that had been half finished, put on the market with no interest so the owner went and invested a another wodge before asking a few hundred K more than the asking price that did not sell.


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So they are going to drop the price for a month and if it doesn't sell at the lower price they are then going to put it back up??? Retards

Don't be silly. They will run a BOGOF offer next. That will sell it ?!?! :huh:

I guess some people think they are selling fruit with these schemes. Quick must get a bundle of them at the reduced price.

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